Home Depot DEBO [#DailyDEBO]


I never realized how much my space affected my mood until I did some minor home renovations. Read that again.

Staring up at the ceiling, I thought about how much I hated popcorn ceilings. Or that the paint color on my walls (a semi-gloss dusty mauve) made me think of rotting peaches. Not to mention the usual: unfolded laundry on my bed, dirty clothes on the floor, and the surface of my dresser crowded with clutter.  

My room needed to be a safe space for me. So once upon a Mercury retrograde, I applied for a Home Depot credit card and went full HGTV mode. I scraped the ceiling flat and painted it white. I put a cozy matte paint on the walls. I rearranged my furniture. I hung a few floating shelves, bought some (many) house plants, expanded my crystal collection, got a salt lamp for my nightstand, and organized my stuff to my liking. 

Now when I stare at the ceiling, I see the shadow of my palm tree and the glow of my salt lamp and I smile because I created this comfort for myself. Now I am happy to be in my room – the energy there is perfect and puts me in a great mood from the second I open my eyes in the morning to just before I sleep at night. Now, if someone could just do something about all my laundry (lol, jk).

To be stuck in a space that makes you miserable is not healthy. The aesthetic your surround yourself with creates energy that you will absorb, good OR bad. #DailyDEBO

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