On Dating [#DailyDEBO]

DailyDEBO, Self-Care

Being single in 2019 is so hard – especially for the 30+ crowd. Like if you weren’t lucky enough to find your soulmate in high school or college, then you’re stuck in this weird lane of uncertainty. For me, it’s a never-ending cycle of short-lived happiness followed by short-lived pain. But for some reason, I keep doing it. 

My advice to me is simple: you’ll know. 

I have ignored red flags and overlooked behaviors in a person for the sake of finding love. And I have regretted it every time. I would never admit that while it’s happening though. It’s almost like self-sabotage. My thought process is stupid: I know this isn’t going to work, but maybe if I keep trying… 

I guess what I need to be telling myself is: STOP TRYING – real companionship is effortless. 

There is always a gut feeling. Listen to it. Even if you can’t put a reason to why your nerves are saying “no” – just take a step back. The universe will do favors for you if you let it. When the right person comes along, you won’t have to try. #DailyDEBO

2 thoughts on “On Dating [#DailyDEBO]

  1. I relate to this so much. I feel as though I jinx myself when I entertain the red flags but it’s actually my gut telling me to go.
    Self sabotage… well explained


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