Hello Mercury Retrograde [#DailyDEBO]


Mercury has been retrograde for one whole day and this morning, as I remembered this, I grabbed my labradorite sphere, put it in my bag, and I get to my car only to find a completely flat tire. 

I don’t believe in astrology to the point of navigating life through horoscopes, but the movement of the stars in the sky and the energy resulting from that movement has been present in history and literature for centuries. And I believe in that. 

There is no definite way to prepare for this time of uncertainty, however, over time, I have noticed traits that become amplified when Mercury goes retrograde. So, naturally, there are a few things I am doing (or avoiding) with extra care.

Here they are:

  • Take a walk if feeling anxious
  • Expect surprises – especially bad ones
  • DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have important conversations via text 
  • Re-read everything before pressing “send”
  • Over-communicate plans
  • If unsure, triple check
  • Don’t go out so much – stay in as much as possible
  • Sage the house regularly 
  • Meditate every day – even if it’s just one minute
  • Start/finish a project you’ve been meaning to spend time on 
  • Tell your friends you love them 
  • Reach out to old friends and set aside time to reconnect
  • Make lists for everything – even make lists within lists
  • Do not reply/react right away
  • Re-read everything before pushing “send” (note: I had a professor once tell me, “if someone mentions something twice, it’s because it’s important”)

Lastly, just remember: if it feels off, it is! Comment with any tips you have for surviving Mercury Retrograde. #DailyDEBO

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