My Go-To Treadmill Workout

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Running on a treadmill can be boring – I run outdoors when I can, but sometimes the weather doesn’t allow for it. So, when you have to get to the gym, here is a treadmill workout worth trying.

Everything is broken down in quarter-mile increments. And it helps to know your walk/jog/run speeds prior to this workout.

This usually takes me about 30-45 minutes and I generally burn over 300 calories. Ready?

Your 1st mile should look like this:

.25 mile – walk (warm up)

My comfortable walk speed is 3.5 MPH.

.25 mile – jog

My sprint speed is about 5 – 6 MPH.

.25 mile – walk at an incline 

I don’t go all the way to the max incline on the first mile. And all treadmills are different, so, I usually take it up to HALF of the MAXIMUM and do 10% incline (my treadmill maxes out at 20%).

.25 mile – run

My run/sprint speed is 6.5-7 MPH.

1st mile complete (yay!)

Your 2nd mile should look like:

.25 mile – walk at an incline 

This is when I go to the max incline. For me, that’s 20%.

.25 mile – walk 

Just walk at your comfortable walking speed – you’re halfway! You deserve a break!

.25 mile – walk at an incline 

Max incline one more time.

.25 mile – run/sprint

If this is new for you, and you are tired, feel free to jog this last quarter mile. 

GO YOU! 2 miles complete.

Your 3rd and last mile should look like:

.25 mile – walk at an incline

Go back to half the maximum. 

.25 mile – jog or sprint

Eventually you want to run this one, but if you’re tired, jogging is fine.

.25 mile – walk at an incline 

Half the maximum.

.25 mile – walk (cooldown)

CONGRATS, you did it! Do it better/faster next time or adapt this plan to better suit your fitness goals. 

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