Acknowledge and Release [#DailyDEBO]


Each morning, usually in the car on my way to work, I play music loud, and reflect silently on my current problems, accomplishments, hardships, goals, pains, happy moments, and whatever else I might be feeling. 

I make an effort to channel my emotions and energy with a sense of intention and intuition because it feels good to be able to control these things – even just for a few minutes.

During this time of inward attention, I allow bits of laughter, tears, a smile, sounds of excitement – or some days – most days – all of it. Heck – I don’t even know what I’m feeling half the time, but I feel it strongly and most importantly, I allow it.

When the feeling floodgates open, it can be overwhelming, but when regulated with gratitude, it can be so empowering. For me, not being able to control my emotions makes me feel enslaved to them.

Allowing time to acknowledge and release unwanted thoughts, feelings, and emotion is a mindful practice that helps me better understand myself. #DailyDEBO

Start Small [#DailyDEBO]


Starting small is great, it means you took the first step, which is usually the hardest part. But small is relative. And if we are aiming to make drastic changes in our lives, I say you ditch the small talk and go big, baby.

Habits are made or broken in 30 days. You can take small steps for 30 days and see little progress and limited results. Or, take large leaps for 30 days and see major progress and huge results. The takeaway is simple: 30 days is 30 days and results are results.

What is your metaphorical step count looking like? Does it match the timeline of your goals? Perhaps lengthen your stride or slow it down until you figure it out. #DailyDEBO

5 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable for Daily Intentions [#DailyDEBO]

DailyDEBO, Self-Care

Setting an intention can be hard. Especially on the days where inward focus seems pointless, but those days are usually the days we need it most. After all, intentions don’t always suggest a specific outcome, but rather, they acknowledge a plan. In the world of medicine, “intention” is defined as: the healing process of a wound. Let that sink in.

Whether you give yourself a few words of affirmation or pledge to actually scratch something off your to-do list, I always start with a few moments every day to remind myself who I am (or who I am becoming) and what wounds need healing.

Sure, “run errands,” “do laundry,” or “clean house” are valid intentions, especially for people like me who literally. cannot. think in a messy house. But more often than not, I can accomplish these surface-level tasks while also setting a deeper, more self-aware intention to “become more grateful,” or “acknowledge a suppressed/reoccurring thought” or “practice self-care.”

Here are a 5 ways to hold yourself accountable to your daily intention:

  1. write it down on your notepad at work, in your journal, or anywhere else you look frequently
  2. post it to social media – the comments and likes will surely remind you throughout the day
  3. leave yourself a post-it note
  4. set a reminder in your phone so your intention pops up as a notification
  5. share verbally with a friend