Virtual Validation [#DailyDEBO]


The need for validation through social media is an epidemic on the rise. As we sprint through the digital age with non-stop evolving technology, we are blinded by the screens of our phones and ignorantly distracted by likes and retweets. 

The ability to connect with people without internet is an interpersonal skill that we are losing sight of. I call it diarrhea of the thumbs – it’s an uncontrollable need to post, check, like, tweet, comment, and share.

Sure, people use social media as a tool to reconnect, or for engagement, to be part of a community, or for promoting brands and business, but it is not a platform for emotionally charged projection.

You cannot feel energy through an iPhone and Androids are not exactly capable of sending or receiving vibes. But still – so many people seek the instant gratification (or justification) by sending a post and connecting with someone about it.

I realize, it is human nature to want to empathize with someone about what they are feeling, but the blindness of doing it from behind a screen gives leeway for misguided tone or misunderstood diction.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, obviously, but keeping a mental note to be mindful and present in your face-to-face connections can help hinder the constant need for virtual validation.