On Friendships [#DailyDEBO]


Coasting off yesterday’s post about dating, I decided it was equally important – maybe more important – to share my thoughts about relationships. Not necessarily romantic ones, but the platonic ones, or the ones we have with our friends.

Like how weird is it to pick a person and declare “this human is cool, I’ll keep this one around” and then we just foster a friendship from that? 

I’ve experienced a time, not long ago when I felt like I had no friends. It was depressing. And I decided I never want to feel like that again. So in the last few years, I have made it a point to cultivate genuine friendships. Now, my social circle is growing at an exponential rate. 

That’s not to say everything is perfect or even peaceful. I have faults. I can be stubborn and outspoken. I can be bossy and obnoxious. Everyone in my crew has their faults too. After all, we are human. And although I love every one of my friends, I have extra love for the ones I’ve disagreed with, fought with, and challenged. Like, hey – we don’t see eye-to-eye and that DOES NOT have to affect our friendship. 

So like, hey! Cheers to you guys. I appreciate your opposing views and our casual disagreements – it means you believe in something and have the confidence to stand up for your beliefs. It means that your open mind has allowed you to see my view, express yours, and acknowledge an opposition. I am grateful to share these experiences for the sake of understanding and growth. So, if you have been one of those people, thank you. #DailyDEBO

On Dating [#DailyDEBO]

DailyDEBO, Self-Care

Being single in 2019 is so hard – especially for the 30+ crowd. Like if you weren’t lucky enough to find your soulmate in high school or college, then you’re stuck in this weird lane of uncertainty. For me, it’s a never-ending cycle of short-lived happiness followed by short-lived pain. But for some reason, I keep doing it. 

My advice to me is simple: you’ll know. 

I have ignored red flags and overlooked behaviors in a person for the sake of finding love. And I have regretted it every time. I would never admit that while it’s happening though. It’s almost like self-sabotage. My thought process is stupid: I know this isn’t going to work, but maybe if I keep trying… 

I guess what I need to be telling myself is: STOP TRYING – real companionship is effortless. 

There is always a gut feeling. Listen to it. Even if you can’t put a reason to why your nerves are saying “no” – just take a step back. The universe will do favors for you if you let it. When the right person comes along, you won’t have to try. #DailyDEBO