Shake It [#DailyDEBO]


Yesterday, I blogged on music, which got me thinking about the immediate effects of music on the body and basically… and how important it is to dance. There’s a saying on every inspirational meme page that says “dance like nobody is watching” and as cliche as it is – you should. 

It’s so effortless too. Put your favorite songs on a playlist (or opt to listen to something new), turn the speakers up, and just start dancing. I do stupid stuff you would never see me do on a dance floor (but trust me, it feels good to let it out). Twirl. Jump. Shake it. Twerk. Grab the end of the dresser and back that ass up! Whatever. Just move.

This, to me, is one of the purest forms of self-care. It’s free. It’s formless. It’s natural. Once you feel the energy flowing, you’ll catch yourself smiling. My favorite time to let loose is on the weekends after taking my time getting up out of bed and making myself a cup of coffee. #DailyDEBO 

Music Is and Will Always Be [#DailyDEBO]


Music can change people – it can alter their mood, broaden their perspective, and even influence their outlook. Music is insanely powerful and the people you meet through a common interest (like music) are priceless. 

We tie memories to songs and emotions to lyrics. Music brings us joy and sadness through sound. It’s quite unbelievable – live music, especially. And the crazy part is: no one is ever going to stop making music. Music is. And will always be.

Every week, I make a playlist on Spotify called “A Vibe Called Weekly” with my favorite new releases. Follow me if you like house music! #DailyDEBO